ArmorSuit Military Shield screen protector for Apple Watch

ArmorSuit Military Shield Apple Watch 2

After having Apple Watch for about two-and-a-half weeks, I decided that it was time to get some kind of screen protector. Since the device is so new, there is still not a lot of information on the best available and why.

I went with ArmorSuit’s Military Shield for Apple Watch mainly because it covers all the way down the side of the screen, instead of just the top like most screen protectors on the market do right now.

The kit comes with two screen protectors (either 38mm or 42mm), a rubber squeegee, a bottle of some kind of spray solution, and a microfiber cloth, all for $7.

Application is the hardest part, but ArmorSuit tries to make it easier by having you wet the screen protector and your fingers with a spray solution. The adhesive cover can be moved around, and even removed and replaced, while the solution is still wet, so you can line the edges up right.

The problem I had with the process was getting the edges to stay down. The wetness of the screen protector kept the edges from sticking to the rounded sides of the Apple Watch screen. Squeegeeing out the excess moisture just didn’t work. I fussed with it for about 10 minutes.

As my patience word on, I decided to let the solution dry overnight.

ArmorSuit Military Shield Apple Watch 3

Sure enough, the next day, the edges stuck to the sides of the screen perfectly with no effort at all. Unfortunately, some debris got under the edge and I have a couple of very small bubbles on the side.

Next time, I’ll probably use less solution and try to wait it out until it dries so that I can lay the edges down before any kind of debris makes it underneath.

Other than a couple of tiny bubbles that I hardly notice, the screen protector looks invisible and will definitely protect my display from scratches all the way across, including along the rounded sides.

I recommend it, especially if full screen coverage is important to you.

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