Camera + Updated with Apple Watch Remote

Camera + 1

Probably one of the best third-party iOS camera apps on the market is Camera+. It has a number of pre-shot features, like continuous flash, burst mode, manual exposer and focus, 6X zoom, and more. It also has plenty of post-shot features, like filters, balance adjustments, cropping, and so on.

Today, Camera+ got an update that adds a remote to Apple Watch. So, now you can take pictures without having to hold your iPhone.

The remote is nothing more than a shutter and a timer. But, that’s all you need to add massive functionality. After setting the features on your iPhone (burst mode, white balance, etc.) Open the Camera+ app on Apple Watch and tap the button to take a picture. No more shaky hands when tapping the screen.

Camera + 2

There is also a five-second timer so you can get in the picture. Once you’ve made sure the shot looks good. Calmly stroll over into the frame and then tap the timer to give yourself five extra seconds before the picture snaps.

Apple Camera app

Of course, Apple’s native Camera app is also compatible with Apple Watch. It has a three-second timer and actually includes a viewfinder window so you can see exactly what the camera lens sees. Plus, you can use the Side button on your Apple Watch to take a picture.

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