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10 Jun 2015

Disappointed with Apple Watch Support so Far [also: how to take a screen shot]

Today, I had to contact Apple a second time for an issue with my Apple Watch. For some reason, the normal way that I take a screen shot (press the Digital Crown and the Side button at
9 Jun 2015

WatchOS 2.0 is going to be awesome

Today, Apple announced an upcoming update to its Apple Watch operating system. Having only been on the market for less than two months, it is incredible to see what the development team has already come up with
6 Jun 2015

Looking Forward to this Leather Apple Watch band by Monowear Design

Now that we are getting closer to being able to walk into an Apple Store and actually buy an Apple Watch instead of simply preorder for an ungodly wait time, more and more accessories are hitting the
4 Jun 2015

Duet Charger Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone (Kickstarter)

Last night, I accidentally knocked my charging Apple Watch onto the floor off of my night stand. It isn’t docked anywhere. It literally just sits on top of my alarm clock. I’d love to be able to
1 Jun 2015

Shopping with Amazon on Apple Watch is Amazing

I recently noticed Amazon’s icon show up on my Apple Watch. A new icon on my Home screen usually means the app was recently updated and is now compatible with Apple Watch. So, I had to check it
20 May 2015

First Ever Apple Watch Software Update Goes Live

Yesterday, Apple released an update to Watch OS, the operating system for Apple Watch. The update to version 1.0.1 mainly covered much needed performance improvements and bug fixes. It also added support for seven new languages and
12 May 2015

Getting to Know Apple Watch with the Help of an Online Personal Setup Appointment

A few days after my Apple Watch arrived in the mail, I received an email from Apple offering help setting it up. Of course, by this point, I had already setup and thoroughly explored a couple of
6 May 2015

Apple Watch Unboxed

Well, today is the day. I finally received my Apple Watch. I chose the Sport model, mainly due to financial constraints, but partially due to the fact that this is a first-generation device and it is highly
14 Mar 2015

You Can Rent an Apple Watch for $45

Gadget rental site Lumoid is now taking names for renting an Apple Watch once released on April 24. The company will allow you to rent the wrist worn device for as low as $45 per week with
9 Mar 2015

Apple’s Online Store Now Open, Save Apple Watch to Favorites for Faster Preorder

Apple just reopened its online store with everything you need to know about each model of the Apple Watch. As you browse through the different models, you can save your favorites. When it comes time to preorder,