Disappointed with Apple Watch Support so Far [also: how to take a screen shot]

Apple SupportToday, I had to contact Apple a second time for an issue with my Apple Watch. For some reason, the normal way that I take a screen shot (press the Digital Crown and the Side button at the exact same time) stopped working. I looked up Apple’s how-to guide for taking a screen shot and read that you should hold down the Side button first, then press the Digital Crown.

Even though I never had to do this before, I went ahead and tried it. It still didn’t work. So, I got onto a chat window with Apple support to help fix my problem.

Just like the last time I spoke with Apple support regarding Apple Watch, the Genius first had me shut down my Apple Watch, and then un-pair and re-pair it. I even protested the pairing step. It takes no less than 20 minutes (probably even more) to go through the un-pairing and re-pairing process and I couldn’t understand why this would be the second troubleshooting step I would take. It should be low on the list of possible solutions.

The Genius assured me that the pairing process often fixes problems with Apple Watch, and reminded me that this creates a backup of your content. Well, that is a reasonable explanation. If something were to happen, I’d at least have everything backed up.

After the pairing process didn’t work, the Genius asked me to describe how I take a screen shot. I told him that I hold down the Side button, then press the Digital Crown immediately after and let go of both buttons at the same time. It turns out that I was doing it wrong (even though the past three dozen screen shots I’ve taken worked by pressing both buttons at the same time).

Screenshot on Apple WatchHe explained that I should hold down the Side button, then press the Digital Crown. Then let go of the Digital Crown while still holding the Side button.

If he would have brought that up first, our conversation would have lasted about three minutes, instead of 30.

I’m sure that Apple support are required to first have the customer restart, and then re-pair their Apple Watch before they do anything else, but in my opinion re-pairing should not have to be done every time. Instead, the support team should think proactively about possible simple solutions to a problem.

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