Looking Forward to this Leather Apple Watch band by Monowear Design

Monowear Leather Brown Band

Now that we are getting closer to being able to walk into an Apple Store and actually buy an Apple Watch instead of simply preorder for an ungodly wait time, more and more accessories are hitting the market.

When I decided on which Apple Watch I should buy, I took into account price and the fact that this would be a first-generation gadget. So, I went with the most inexpensive model. I originally wanted the stainless steel case with the classic buckle band, but couldn’t bring myself to pay the additional $300 for what seems like incremental improvements to the quality. Maybe I’ll eat my words later, but I stand by my decision.

The only regret that I have in purchasing the sport model is that I really wanted a leather band. Luckily, third-party accessory makers are already on top of that.

Today, I came across my favorite one so far. It is a genuine brown leather band with a suede finish made by Monowear. I love the slightly reddish color and the rugged-but-simple design. It reminds me of the type of band Indiana Jones might wear.

The Monowear Brown Leather band is available for pre-order now for $79. Before you choke on your Pepsi at the price, remember that Apple is requiring accessory makers to follow some very strict design parameters to make compatible bands for Apple Watch. If you want a band that meets the specs, you are going to pay a little more for it.

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