Shopping with Amazon on Apple Watch is Amazing

Amazon app on Apple Watch 7

I recently noticed Amazon’s icon show up on my Apple Watch. A new icon on my Home screen usually means the app was recently updated and is now compatible with Apple Watch. So, I had to check it out.

From what I can tell, the Apple Watch app only shows Prime eligible items. However, I’m not sure whether you must be a Prime subscriber to purchase items from Apple Watch.

I was very surprised at how useful the app is. You don’t have access to any of your lists, but if you know what you are looking for, you can search for a product, browse results, and either add an item to your wish list or purchase something right from your Apple Watch.

Before you start shopping on Apple Watch, open the Amazon app on your iPhone and go to your account section. Scroll down to Personalized Content and select Smartwatch settings. Then, turn on Authorize Purchases.

Amazon app on Apple Watch 3Amazon app on Apple Watch 5

Once you’ve turned on the Authorize Purchases feature via the Amazon app on your iPhone, you can begin shopping on Apple Watch. The only feature you can use to start with is search. Tap the search in the Amazon app on Apple Watch. A Siri style voice dictation feature will activate. Say what you are looking for, like “kitchen stepladder” or “cat food.”

When the search results appear, scroll through them by either turning the Digital Crown, or swiping up or down on the screen. When you find what you are looking for, tap the item.

Amazon app on Apple Watch 1 Amazon app on Apple Watch 6

You will see a picture of the item, the name of the product, the price, and the star rating. You can then either add the item to your wish list, or purchase it from Apple Watch with 1-Click buying.


Amazon app on Apple Watch Handoff

If you want access to more features (like choosing the list the item goes to, or selecting which credit card to use for the purchase), you’ll have to switch over to your iPhone. Luckily, you can use Handoff with the Amazon app. Just swipe up from the bottom left corner of the Lock screen when you see the Amazon logo.

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