WatchOS 2.0 is going to be awesome

WatchOS 2

Today, Apple announced an upcoming update to its Apple Watch operating system. Having only been on the market for less than two months, it is incredible to see what the development team has already come up with for the second-generation operating system.

Time Pieces

WatchOS 2 Time Travel

First of all, Apple is going to be providing new watch face options. You’ll be able to add your own pictures from your Photos app on the iPhone. You can even have a sort-of slide show, which will display a different picture every time you lift your wrist.

There will also be a time lapse watch face that will run through a day’s worth of snapshots across a number of destination cities around the world.

You will be able to make your own Complications (the stuff that is displayed on the screen), including adding brand logos.

Time Travel mode will allow you to scroll forward in time to view your day’s events, as well as other important information for that time, like the weather conditions.

Nightstand mode will allow you to leave the display on in landscape mode while charging. The alarm clock time will also be on display. When your alarm goes off, you will be able to use the Digital Crown to snooze, or the Side button to turn it off.


WatchOS Friends

You’ll be able to add more friends to your favorites list in the contacts section. Plus, you can also add new contacts right from the favorites list.

Digital Touch will have different colors.

You’ll be able to make FaceTime audio calls right from Apple Watch and reply to emails using voice dictation.


WatchOS Maps

Apple Watch will feature access to mass transit directions via the Maps app, which you will be able to access thanks to Siri. Speaking of Siri, the virtual personal assistant will also connect you to the Workout app and Glances without the need to touch the screen.

Apple Watch will be compatible with HomeKit, so you will literally be able to hold up your wrist and say, “Hey Siri, turn off the kitchen lights,” and it will work.

Apple Pay will also be updated with some new features, like store cards and loyalty card support in Apple Watch.

There is a whole lot more coming in WatchOS, but Apple ran through the WWDC Keynote so fast that they didn’t slow down to go into details.

WatchOS is available right now as a developer beta and will launch publicly this fall, presumably alongside OS X El Capitan and iOS 9.

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